Camp Yes = Personal + Professional Development

Need help getting time off or using professional development funds? 

Camp Yes is a space that empowers women to show up powerfully in their world and in their work. Empowered employees are effective employees, and Camp Yes is an experience designed to help women develop a stronger sense of self, knowing their strengths and what they bring to the organizations they work with.

Many organizations send their employees to conferences to learn more information.  Camp Yes isn’t just about the information campers receive, it is about an experience that empowers courage, confidence, and trust in oneself and the gifts that they bring to the world. When women come back to their workplace after camp, they are more driven, motivated, and connected to their bigger purpose and how their job is a pathway to fulfill that purpose. It is an opportunity for women that work so hard to re-group, re-charge, and re-connect with themselves and other amazing women, and to have some space to breathe life back into their life.

These are the type of women that can bring so much back to your organization and energize everyone around them because they are so lit up. We strongly encourage you to consider sending your teams and employees to Camp Yes for them to feel re-inspired, rejuvenated and ready to share their strengths and gifts with your company and organization.