2018 Camp Yes Playshops

Prayer Flags: Create your own banner of YES!

Megan Goering


Bring your visions, wishes, hopes, or questions about the world, and we'll practice the ancient Tibetan tradition of generating PRAYER FLAGS to carry our highest hopes through the wind, to all the world!

Megan loves big visions for the world, ourselves, and those we love, and spends her free time building deeply interconnected communities/ systems to enable and empower a more beautiful experience and world. She loves pulling the thread of others' deeper purposes on this planet and helping instigate and spark creative, explosive possibilities for action. Nature and camp are some of her favorite settings, and she's so excited to meet, wander, deep chat, create and connect with all of you!

Storytelling 101: Strength in Vulnerability

Brianne Benness

In this playshop we'll learn to tackle tough topics from our own lives through storytelling. We'll talk about how our stories hold the power to eradicate shame in ourselves and others, we'll excavate our own lives to discover many stories worth telling, and we'll practice sharing vulnerably to extend our comfort zones.

Brianne started Stories We Don't Tell, an event and workshop series, in 2014.

Brush Pen Calligraphy: Hand-Lettered Quotes for Fun and Fulfillment

Anna Swenson

This session combines practical instruction in how to do brush pen calligraphy with a dash of self-actualization, a hint of graphic design and a sprinkle of colorful exploration. You'll learn how to use brush pens, form letters, and lay out your lettering projects so they look 👌🏼, AND I'll be talking a little bit about breaking out of the quote-industrial complex. "Live laugh love" is great and all, but we all have words of wisdom inside us that deserve to be spoken AND written in beautiful brush pen calligraphy. Attendees will leave with news skills of lettering, tips for sharing their own quote wisdom and a finished quote project.

Anna Swenson loves books, dogs, art, happy hour, and smashing the patriarchy (sometimes all at the same time). Originally from Phoenix, she now lives in Seattle with too many plants, shoes and lipsticks. She has a day job in tech PR and a night job baking the best heckin' cookie bars around.

Discovering Yourself in Nature: What Nature has to show you about who you really are.

Suzanne Bontempo

Suzanne will share how to discover your remarkable self by connecting with nature through the extraordinary story of trees. She will invite you to dive deep into this story so that you can find the essence of your own true nature as this story reveals who you genuinely are. You will leave feeling grounded to your truth and know how to reconnect with this back in your day-to-day world, as this experience will always be with you.

Suzanne, aka Super Natural, is an environmental educator and a steward of Mother Earth. As an advocate of all things Nature, guides people away from toxic pesticides towards finding their true selves through the love of plants & gardening. Lives in San Francisco half of the time and on the land in West Marin the other half, and has recently been referred to as 'a modern-day Jane Muir'.

Handcrafted Inspirational Art Journals

Corinna Marcia

What defines you? What drives you? What fulfills you? From picking the paper for your journal pages to designing the cover to learning different techniques, you'll be making a card-sized art journal that reflects who you are as well as who you want to be. Expect lots of magazine cutouts, stickers, and classic camp crafts to help you shape your vision for your journal!

Corinna is a stay at home mom to an awesome toddler and just trying to find her way back to a creative life amidst diapers and nap schedules.

Celebrating Identity via Written & Spoken Word

Savanah Jordan

Following examples published by wordsmiths including Nikki Giovanni, Rupi Kaur, Andrea Gibson, and more, playshoppers will use rhythm and metaphor and space and sound to take ownership of, and pride in, their bodies, their hearts, their hurt, and their histories. With the intention (but not requirement) of performing their written truths for each other, participants are called to be vulnerable and honest and brave, creating and holding safe space for the magnificence of words crafted and delivered with purpose.

Savanah is a recovering middle school Language Arts teacher obsessed with the ways and weights of words in their many forms. She can sometimes be found seated on the sidewalk with her typewriter, creating on-the-spot poetry for strangers. She adores grapefruit, the library, and being in the presence of wise women.

We'll project ourselves forward in time to 2057, and explore different scenes from our potential future lives. We'll bring back insights from the future to inform our present experiences.

Designer, chaos muppet, futureteller.

DIY Time Travel: 2057

Shelly X Ni

Making friends as a kid can be as easy as finding bugs under a rock. Why does making and maintaining friendships as an adult often feel so hard? How do you make new friends? Why are friendships important to our wellbeing? In this playshop, we'll explore friendships, play friendship games, and talk about how to get the most of the friendships in your life.

Molly has been a friend her whole life. She could be your friend too.

Here to Make Friends

Molly McLeod

Say 'YES!' to Your Superpower: How to Know It, Own It & Speak It!

Maggy Sterner

What's the thing you're NOT saying 'yes' to in your work or your personal life? That thing that you store in the back of your mind, but ignore…? You know what I'm talking about. What's the secret you keep about who you really are? The one you're afraid to share because it's too scary to say out loud. The one that everyone may judge.

Do you wish you knew how to acknowledge, own, and live your superpower? Yes, you do! In this playshop, Maggy show you the anatomy of a superpowe, help you know how to find yours (because we all have one), then find the courage to say it out loud and proud because THAT'S when the magic happens. (And shit gets real.) Want to connect with your own inner superhero? Yes, you do!

Maggy Sterner is a coach, brand messaging expert and superpower whisperer. Her life's purpose is waking the message that lives deep inside of all of us. Maggy helps people discover their deepest secret: "What makes me so special?,” and find the courage to own it! She loves sparking the ‘aha’ moment: that second when people discover their core message; craft simple, POWERFUL words to describe it; and learn how to deliver it with confidence, clarity and conviction. Maggy knows we all have a superpower. And it is our destiny to go forth and live it, share it, and find our tribe.

Ignite Your Money Moxie

Nicole Cooley

You want to launch the business, work less, travel more… but money is holding you back. There never seems to be enough, you can’t afford your dreams, and you don’t see how it will change anytime soon.

Numbers are important, but the real magic is understanding what your numbers are telling you. In this play shop I will give you a simple shift to make money FUN (no number crunching here!), explore why intentional living is critical to a healthy money mindset and give you some simple tools to manage your money in alignment with your dreams (no budget required!).

Nicole Cooley helps her clients manage their family finances in a new, fresh way by replacing unconscious spending habits with value based spending. She works with her clients to build customized spending plans while exploring limiting beliefs and money mindset blocks. Her company Money With Moxie teaches people they can do anything, but not everything, and your numbers will show you the way.

I will be facilitating one or two climbing sessions. This can be a simple as you engaging in the movement of climbing one time, to learning the simple system of belaying a partner and taking turns climbing as much as time allows. The climbing is on an artificial wall.

Educator: adventure, personal growth, movement, environmental engagement, community, spirituality, and yoga.


And more playshops to come! Stay tuned!

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