Check out all the awesomeness that is Camp Yes!

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SweatFest Friday! 

Experience moving your body in a way you never have before. The AMAZING and INSPIRING Jessi Duley will be leading an ALL-CAMP Workout called the BURNMVT that will rock your heart, body and mind. 

Intention Flags: Creating Our Community Banner of YES!

Bring your intentions, visions, wishes, hopes, or questions about the world, and we'll let the wind carry our highest hopes to the whole world!



Epic Playshops with Badass Women!

Manifesting Your Dream Life



w/ Sandra Possing: Unleasher of Badassery


Most of us never give ourselves real permission to dream big (or even dream at all). In this kickass 90 minute playshop you will get clear on what you REALLY want and walk away with an action plan to make it happen. With her signature (fierce yet playful) style, Sandra weaves together the spiritual and the practical, empowering you to become the conscious creator of your own amazing life. 

The Magic of Yes & No



w/ Michelle Hawk: Personal Alchemist 


Remember how it felt to declare YES and NO as a little kid and mean it with every fiber of your being? Chances are, that changed as you grew older. Offering a YES or a NO that isn't completely authentic dilutes its power, until sometimes it can feel like we're not totally sure about what's true anymore. Reclaim your authentic YES and NO and rediscover their magic in this interactive, introspective playshop!

Warrior-Flow: Martial arts for Grounding and Badassery


w/ Jennifer Oechsner: Empowerment Warrior  

To be a warrior is to stand strong in who you are, to live your truth, and to stand in support of others. Martial arts teaches self defense but also a deeper connection to the self and the world around you. At this exciting workshop you will learn step-by-step martial arts techniques that will ground, focus and empower your body and spirit. This workshop will challenge the body and mind, giving you tools to cultivate mental and physical strength. The physical techniques and breath work we will cover in this workshop will deepen the connection to your own inner strength and energy and cultivate sensitivity to the energy of others. No martial arts experience necessary. 

All-Camp Playshop!

Know Your Mission. Live Your Superpower ®



w/ Maggy Sterner: Camp Magician

What's the thing you're NOT saying 'yes' to in your work or your personal life? You know what I'm talking about. What's the secret you keep about who you really are - the one you're afraid to share because it's too scary to say out loud and what if nobody likes it and everybody thinks it's stupid? Do you wish you knew how to know, own, and live your superpower? Yes, you do. In this playshop Maggy will deconstruct the anatomy of a superpower, show you how to find yours, and you'll find the courage to say it out loud and proud because THAT'S when the magic happens. And shit gets real. Because that's what you really want, right? Yes. You do.

How to be Bold AF


w/ Alex Williams: Boldness Coach


Are you ready to uplevel your wild & precious life?

Discover what could be possible when you find out what's really been holding you back.

Let's get BOLD AF!

Root Into Your Values


How would you know what to say "YES" to if you don't know what drives you from your core? Here it opportunity to deep dive into your self to find out.

Once you find it, learn what to do with it and to stand in your strength and power with it.



w/ Michelle Gay Values Excavator




Candlelight Yin Yoga, Mindfulness & Morning Flow Yoga



w/ Andrea Restivo

Movement & Mindfulness Guide