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Intention Flags: Creating Our Community Banner of YES!


Bring your intentions, visions, wishes, hopes, or questions about the world, and we'll let the wind carry our highest hopes to the whole world!

Epic Playshops with Badass Women!

Flourishing in Your Genius

Willo Head Shot.jpeg

 w/ Willo Sana

Transformational Business Coach

Do you have a message or a gift to share with the world?

Are you allowing your gifts to flow through you, courageously standing in your value, and letting your light shine in order to do the important work you are here to do in your precious time here on our beautiful planet?

As a creative and soulful visionary, led by your intuition and a waterfall of ideas constantly knocking on your door, you know full well that you must listen and answer your calling. However, what happens when it's scary, or when you don't know where to start or go next?

Join us and be guided through a powerful process to...

  • Unearth and shine a light on your unique magic

  • Identify where/how you get derailed and/or are playing small

  • Clarify your next steps to fully allow your genius to shine through

  • Receive a roadmap (a LightMap™!) for how this integrates into the larger vision for your personal and business growth

Please bring something to write with, as we'll be opening doors of possibility, and you'll want to record the visions of clarity that come through!

Candlelight Yin Yoga, Mindfulness & Morning Flow Yoga


w/ Andrea Restivo

Movement & Mindfulness Guide

Andrea Restivo is a Los Angeles based teacher and wellness advocate that has spent the last 15 years studying and practicing yoga, dance, pilates, meditation, and wellness and healing practices. Andrea teaches a vinyasa based class and incorporates synergistic methods and experience acquired through years of searching for the things in life that feed one's soul. 

"Yoga saved my life. I was told, after a crippling back injury, that I would never run, swim, bike, dance, or engage in any strenuous physical activity again. Then I found yoga and my life immediately changed. It helped me heal physically as well as emotionally; nursing me through some of life’s darkest chapters. It is my great pleasure to share this gift of knowledge in order to help others. I believe that mental, spiritual, and physical wellness allows us to a find a foundation to enjoy the rythym of life on and off the mat. It’s about gaining consciousness and listening to our bodies and minds. Yoga connects the mind with the body, allowing us to express ourselves through the gift we have all been given: Our natural breath. With every class, we embark on a new journey.  Allowing healing and growth on the mat that then transfers off the mat. That is yoga’s great and beautiful gift." 

The Magic of Yes & No



Remember how it felt to declare YES and NO as a little kid and mean it with every fiber of your being? Chances are, that changed as you grew older. Offering a YES or a NO that isn't completely authentic dilutes its power, until sometimes it can feel like we're not totally sure about what's true anymore. Reclaim your authentic YES and NO and rediscover their magic in this interactive, introspective playshop!

w/ Michelle Hawk: Personal Alchemist

Booty Luv® Fitness

Heather.42 (1).jpg

Booty Luv® Fitness opens your hips and your heart with a FUN-ctional fusion of balance, yoga, Pilates, kickboxing and "booty breakdowns™". Set to original bass mixes by DJ Danny Corn, this body positive class builds confidence, strength and stability in your core, hips, booty and soul! Join Founder Heather Craig to get your heart pumping and booty bumping!

w/ Heather Craig Master of Movement

I AM My Vision of My Self

Robyn - Head Shot.JPG

A large part of showing up authentically is when we are able to truly embody our vision of who we are at our core.

In this playshop, we'll be doing some fun soulcraft work, laughing our way through the 5 Principles of Joy and sharing our vision of who we really are.

w/ Robyn Vie Carpenter-Brisco

Goddess of Joy

Unleash Your Inner Artist!


w/ Alex Williams

Creativity Catalyst & Coach


Do you struggle with calling yourself an artist?

Does your inner perfectionist hold you back from even putting one brush stroke on the paper?

Join me in this playshop to learn powerful techniques for unlocking your creative potential, meeting your inner artist, and adding courage and confidence to your life every day...

It's easier than you think!